Monday, 6 January 2014

7 Benefits of Co Sleeping

7 Benefits of Co Sleeping

Artwork by the talented Katie m. Berggren,

Clearing up a few myths.

(Co sleeping is not just bed sharing, it also refers to keeping an infant in close proximity to parents while sleeping, I.e in the same bedroom, in an intentional set up whether that be a side bed or sharing.)

1.Encourages Independence

While it is commonly believed that co-sleeping will create clingy, dependent children, research proves that the opposite is true. Children who share sleep with their parents develop independence earlier and need less transitional objects because they do not experience separation anxiety.

2.Reduces risk of stress disorders, SIDS and damage to the developing brain.

In his years of research on co-sleeping, Harvard psychiatrist Michael Commons has discovered that babies who sleep alone are at increased risk for SIDS and stress disorders. Co-sleeping babies sleep in physiological harmony with their mothers. The proximity of the mother and infant actually regulates the infant's breathing, sleep state, arousal patterns, heart rates and body temperature.
Babies who are left to cry alone experience elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes damage to the developing brain.