Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Normalise Breastfeeding, Nursing In Public

UK Poet Holly McNish On Normalising nursing in public and our Weston attitudes towards breastfeeding:

''Enticed by labels and logos and Gold standard rights. Claiming Breast milk is better powdered and white, packaged and branded and sold at a price so nothing is free in this money fuelled life.

Which is fine if you need it, or prefer to use bottles, where water is clean and bacteria boiled. But in towns where they drown in pollution and sewage, bottled kids Die and they knew that they do it.. 

We're now paying for one thing that's ALWAYS been free. In towns empty of hospital beds ... where babies die diarrhoea fuelled, that breast milk would end. So no more will I sit on these cold toilet lids. No matter how embarrassed I feel as she sips.

Cos in this Country with billboards covered in tits, I think we should try to get used to this.'' 

This is just a short extract, make sure you watch the full video, its a couple minutes of your life you will be glad you gave. 

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