Monday, 4 November 2013

Baltic Amber teething necklaces explained.


What are they? How Do they work? Are they safe?

Amber teething/ children's necklaces, bracelets and anklets are items of jewellery made from small beads of Natural Baltic Amber.

What exactly are Baltic Amber children's Necklaces?

Baltic amber dates from 44+ million years ago. It is fossilised tree resin formed by ancient forests of Pinites succinifer (similar to our modern day Pines) and other trees of the Conifer family that grew in the Baltic region. Tree resin plays an extremely important function in the tree's ability to protect itself and heal. Resins have high antiseptic qualities that prevent decay in the tree and also lower the amount of water lost from the plant's tissues.Reference 
These forests were eventually covered by the ocean, an area which is now known as the Baltic Sea. Raw Baltic amber floats just under the surface level of sea water. It is tossed and turned by the ocean, before collecting near shores around the Baltic region. 

Natural Baltic amber is considered the very finest amber in the world. Wearing amber has been a long held tradition in Europe for generations. It was highly revered among the Celts, ancient Nordic and Scandinavian peoples. 

A beautiful feature of Baltic amber is that it holds the memory of all the millions of years it has seen on earth. Baltic amber dates from around 44+ million years ago. It often contains pockets of air trapped inside that had been on earth all those millions of years ago, as well as inclusions of small partials such as plant matter, leaves and twigs, specks of rock and dirt and if your lucky even prehistoric insects.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

10 reasons to switch to Cloth Nappies (Diapers)

There are so many amazin
g benefits to ditching disposables. Here is a list of 10 great reasons for your family to start enjoying 'real' reusable, cloth nappies (diapers).

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Normalise Breastfeeding, Nursing In Public

UK Poet Holly McNish On Normalising nursing in public and our Weston attitudes towards breastfeeding:

''Enticed by labels and logos and Gold standard rights. Claiming Breast milk is better powdered and white, packaged and branded and sold at a price so nothing is free in this money fuelled life.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nausea Pops. Pregnancy ice lollies.

Nausea Pops. The Perfect Pregnancy Ice Lolly. 

These delicious fruity little lollies are packed with vitamins and goodness. The ingredients are a mixture of amazing flavours and some select ingredients that can naturally help with sickness and nausea. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Teething Treats!

Chamomile Teething Treats 

Following up our previous post on the use of Chamomile as a natural teething remedy (the key ingredient in teething granules and powders), we have took it a step further and combined two teething remedies in one.

A Natural Teething Remedy.

A simple and completely natural remedy for teething little ones that you can make at home in minutes.

The key ingredient to many teething granules and powders is chamomile.

You can make your own at the fraction of the price and with no nasty added ingredients. (Granules and powders often contain lactose and other chemical ingredients and some brands have had issues with this and have even been recalled).

The quickest way of making your own is to use chamomile tea bags. (I recommend one of the many organic varieties). You can also get some lovely flavoured varieties, I'd definitely recommend trying vanilla infused chamomile tea. Chamomile is naturally caffeine free and are sometimes called 'Sleepy teas' or 'Calming teas'.
Always read the label to ensure its all natural and suitable ingredients.

Pebble Pets

Pebble Pets

A fun and inexpensive idea for kids to get crafty with. Next time your out for a wonder, collect some weird and wonderful shaped pebbles and see what you can create! 
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